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Orlando Movers Review, Reviewed by J Rhoads  on 0/20/2011 The absolute best relocation experience I have ever had! Beltmann organized and completed the move in an exceptionally professional, high quality, efficient, and respectful manner. The staff and the job are THE BEST and I would HIGHLY recommend the Beltmann Company to anyone who needs to relocate. Thank you SO much!

Orlando Movers Review, Reviewed by J Rhoads  on 0/20/2011 The relocation by Beltmann was exceptionally smooth under very difficult circumstances. Every aspect of the move was completed in the most professional, high quality, conscientious, and respectful manner. To coordinate the relocation, I spoke to several persons in the office and each individual made me feel as if I were the top priority for them. The supervisor and movers at both the pick up site and the relocation site worked non-stop and ensured all of our family's furnishings were packed safely and arrived in the same wonderful condition. If there were a higher than 5 star rating, I would give Beltmann a 100 instead! Thank you so much!

Minneapolis Movers Review, Reviewed by Jose Buroz  on 0/19/2011 I can't say enough good things about the customer service both by the moving representative as well as the crews at my previous place and my new place. AWESOME JOB!

Minneapolis Movers Review, Reviewed by Cheryl Nelson  on 0/18/2011 My husband and I initially hired a Beltmann competitor for our move to Vancouver, BC, Canada in Spring 2011. After weeks of frustration playing telephone tag and getting our load arrival rescheduled without our knowledge or consent, we placed a last-minute desperation call to Beltmann only six days before scheduled pick-up. Within hours we fired our original mover. We spent the next three weeks wondering why we didn't hire Beltmann sooner. Their service was everything we hoped it would be - exactly the mirror opposite of their fired competitor. Randy, Ruth, Cindy (packer), Kevin (driver) and Rick (load master) were extremely professional, prompt with callbacks, knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks to their expertise, we sailed through Canadian Customs. They saved our bacon and preserved our sanity. I would recommend Beltmann in a heartbeat.

Kansas City Movers Review, Reviewed by TomPellet  on 0/18/2011 I have moved over 10 times and I can say this past move with Beltmann was the best experience I have ever had. They did what they said they would do on time and professionally. I will be sure to use them again. Great job!