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Phoenix Movers Review, Reviewed by Debbie Meyers  on 1/11/2011 Hello Pete & Steve (please pass this onto Dan) We moved Ms. Greene today and her daughter Judy White called me and complimented both teams! She was so impressed with everyone and our patience/ making it fun and how well we all work so well together. I do appreciate you trying to always get me the same team each time we work together (Armando's). Thank you and enjoy your weekend! See you on Wednesday. Sincerely, Debbie Meyer - Owner Moving You Simply, LLC

Phoenix Movers Review, Reviewed by Melissa Leon  on 1/08/2011 Your moving crew was great. Very helpful and professional! We are still opening boxes but so far no damage has been seen. I'll let you know by next week if I find anything. Thank you for all your assistance!

Orlando Movers Review, Reviewed by Nancy Szabo  on 1/01/2011 Thanks for a great move ... in spite of rain and a long day trip, in spite of a piano, a concrete birdbath and a fountain. Thanks for being upbeat and efficient and professional and really pleasant to work with.

Minneapolis Movers Review, Reviewed by William Munson  on 1/01/2011 Dear Mr. Peshut, Sir, I have had a challenging move with respect to planning. Many changes were required and I could see how a coordinator could become frustrated. Without exception, Ryan Seabright responded with a positive "can do" attitude and he creatively solved every challenge I threw at him. I have developed a very high level of confidence in Ryan. His outstanding performance speaks well of your company. I admire his problem solving skills and because of him I'm confident my move will be completed on time and in quality fashion. Should anyone in the future ask me about companies to conduct a move because of Ryan your company is my one and only recommendation. Sincerely, William Munson

Phoenix Movers Review, Reviewed by Kari Roberson  on 11/01/2011 I m writing this note to express to all of you with the Beltmann Group that were involved in assisting me getting treasures & stuff from point A to point B, my most sincere `thank you ! It began with you Shelby, when I made my initial phone call, researching inter-state moving companies, U-Haul, etc. I knew I had a small partial load, and was trying to do this project as economically as possible. You understood what I was attempting to accomplish, and exhibited outstanding customer service skills. You next helped me with an appointment with Pete. Here again, Pete s knowledge, understanding and sales ability, extraordinaire, solidified my decision to go with BELTMANN/NORTH AMERICAN. The 3 men who showed up at my condo on Sat. morning, 10/15/11 were punctual, courteous, professional, (one was even pretty funny) and had my belongings safely on your truck to take to your warehouse, with no mishaps! Yea! Now then, this past Sat., 10/29/11, two weeks to the day, with another week or so left in the `delivery window , the truck O treasures arrives at my son, Jim LaBarre s house. The next paragraph comes from my son & daughter-in-law: What a fantastic inter-state driver he was! Very helpful, professional, friendly and `all around great guy ! He did `his thing driving & unloading, with such aplomb! Not to mention throwing a stick for the resident Labrador retriever to fetch! Lisa, my daughter-in-law, was so impressed with the driver s ability to back this semi way down the road in front of their house. Not enough room at the end of the street to turn around. Jim, my son, had every confidence in him telling Lisa, look, he s a professional & drives all over the country, in and out of Chicago etc. etc., he can back up & maneuver just about anywhere and under any circumstances. Impressive! They couldn t remember his name, might have been Dave, but not certain. They did say he was Irish, lives in Chandler, AZ. with a wife & a couple of dogs. Might be why Leo, the Lab, was an instant hit with him. (I might add that everything arrived unscathed there are 2 dish packs not opened yet, they will be tomorrow or Wed., but don t anticipate any breakage.) Anyway, to conclude this note, please know how appreciative we are for the outstanding service that all of you provided. Also, you can be assured, that I will certainly use Beltmann again, and so will my son, when the need arises for any moving we may have. And we will most certainly recommend Beltmann to anyone we know that requires professional movers. I don t know your exact chain of command, but may I ask that this note be passed along to whoever needs to read it. They should be made aware and give recognition to those I ve just written about, from a very satisfied customer. Thank you again. Kari Roberson. Kari Roberson The Cavanagh Law Firm