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Phoenix Movers Review, Reviewed by Cynthia Waling  on 0/18/2011 I recently worked with Beltmann Group on the Exam Room Refurbishment project on the Shea campus and was very pleased with the quality of work. The scope was to remove exam room furniture and equipment, store it offsite, and reinstall it the following weekend. The furniture and equipment was properly labeled and returned to the appropriate room. The project went very smooth, and Steve was very responsive if any issues or concerns came up. I would highly recommend Beltmann Group to others and plan to use them again in the future.

Minneapolis Movers Review, Reviewed by Mary  on 0/17/2011 Ahead of schedule and under budget, need I say more?

Phoenix Movers Review, Reviewed by mark beemer  on 0/17/2011 The Beltmann group did an excellent job with the whole move. Their coordination from the office and follow-up daily was incredible. Also, the workers they employed to unload the truck in Kansas City were of the highest caliber I have seen in my 10 moves! I would highly recommend them.

Los Angeles Movers Review, Reviewed by Anne Meridien  on 0/14/2011 My move with Beltmann was flawless. The move was perfect from start to finish. All I was missing was the top to my paper towel holder. And then, in the bottom of the very last box, there it was! I never dreamed my move from Chicago to San Diego would be so easy. The staff was outstanding. I highly recommend their service.

Los Angeles Movers Review, Reviewed by Rocio Saucedo  on 0/14/2011 Thanks to George Sanchez for providing above and beyound Customer Service. The moving crew was great and very pleasant to work with. We worked with Beltmann for our expansion, worked continously for 5 months.